New Tarot Deck

A favourite weekend activity for me is spending time with my tarot decks. It’s relaxing and helps me focus.

I have a fair few decks because there are so many beautiful ones out there and I’ve had my eye on the Modern Witch Tarot for a long time. I’m still learning how to read the cards (does the learning ever stop?) and I was told the Rider–Waite deck is the way to go for beginners but I just never clicked with it. Well, the Modern Witch is like a modern Rider–Waite so after 5 years of using tarot I finally have a beginners deck. 😂

I also got the Modern Witch journal because I’d like to start keeping track of some of my readings and I need to branch out with my spreads so this will hopefully help. Big plus is it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m currently afraid to write in it though and I’m still using scraps of paper. Hopefully I’ll get brave soon. 🙈

A big plus with this deck is the quality, the cardstock is really high and it feels like they’ll last a long time. My favourite deck is the Modern Spellcasters Tarot but the cardstock is super low and it’s starting to show wear and tear so I can’t use it as much. Hopefully this deck will become as well loved!

I think I might show off some of my other decks in the future. I also have my eye on a few others. There are too many pretty decks out there. 🙈

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