Squeeze In A Read

Today is Ireland Reads Day. The concept for this campaign is pretty simple, pledge some time to #SqueezeInARead. This is a couple of years old now and I really like the idea. It’s a national day of reading that encourages people of all ages to read for the fun of it but also for the health benefits such as mental health and wellbeing.

I really don’t need an excuse to read but I’ll support anything that encourages people to read.

I’m currently rereading a favourite book so I actually think that 3.5 hours might not be an issue. Famous last words right?

I will say that the book generator they have leaves a lot to be desired but if I had to guess, I’d say they can only recommend certain preselected ‘safe’ books? I do like the break down of how long it would take to read the selected book though.

Pro Reader Fantasy/Sci Fi selection

Do not get me started on the romance and historical fiction selections though! No Serious Pro selections! Really? I’d love to know what the parameters for the book levels are. But I digress, great initiative, encourage reading, books are awesome! 😀

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