Weekend Jaunts

This weekend we went to the seaside in order to celebrate my mam’s birthday. Her birthday was in January but it falls in the beginning of January when nobody has any celebration left in them so she went with a random weekend in February instead. A weekend with back to back storms. 😀

When we arrived on Friday evening, we discovered that the electricity in the holiday homes we rented was out and might not be back until 4pm on Saturday. The bar had a generator so we hunkered down for the night. Luckily, the electricity came back at 11.00pm so we didn’t have to sleep in cold houses with no lights.

We were even more lucky on Saturday, after torrential rain until about 9.00am, the skies cleared and we ended up with a fabulous day. So fabulous a bunch of us cleared the cobwebs by going on a three hour walk. There is something about a day after a storm, it just hits different.

Sunday was back to stormy weather and torrential rain so we all cleared out early. Today storm Franklin has graced us with his presence. We somehow managed to get the one good day out of the last week!

It was a fun weekend and happy 70th to the mother!!

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