In search of solitude…

Today’s bloganuary prompt is ‘Where do you go when you need solitude?’

I am definitely a creature of solitude, aside from a few years in my 20’s, I think I’ve always been one. Those years in my 20’s were all about being as social as possible and I feel I’ve been trying to make up for all that social interaction ever since! 😀

Being on my own with my own thoughts has always been essential for me. Luckily my partner is the same so we have ensured that we have our own spaces in our house. This is a huge privilege and something I will never take for granted.

When we were looking for our new home my main ask was a room that could be converted into a library. We both almost lost our minds when we walked into this room…

The only photo of the room I have when empty and not full of boxes of books.

Below was after the shelves went in. To save money we went with MDF, this required filling and sanding (for what felt like years) primer X2 and painting x2. To be fair, the painting was it’s own form of solitude and all that painting coincided with lockdown after lockdown so even though it was back breaking work, it was good to be occupied doing something that didn’t require too much brain power.

Naked shelves

So this is my place of solitude, these pictures are a little out of date though, I have a few more shelves in other parts of the room (I KNOW! 😂) curtains up and it’s currently nowhere near as tidy but it’s the perfect place. With working from home for almost two years now it’s also a room I’m almost never out of. You’d think with working in it I’d be sick of it but I roll my keyboard away each evening, adjust the lighting, cuddle up with a book and it’s a new room for me. I journal, blog, practice tarot, meditate and do yoga in here as well. We also like to finish our work week each Friday by lighting candles, each taking a separate end of the couch and chatting over a few glasses of prosecco before dinner.

We also have a neighbour with a dog that is a very aggressive and distressing barker whenever they leave the house and by some miracle I can’t hear him in this room. I can’t articulate how important that is for me and my mental health.

4 thoughts on “In search of solitude…

    1. Thank you! They were a dream come through! A dream that I really had to work for and definitely did some damage to myself with dust and paint fumes but it was worth it in the end. 😀


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