Favourite Photo!

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is ‘What is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

This is akin to asking me what my favourite book is! I currently have 45,921 photos on my phone. Now about 5,000 of them are screen shots or just junk but that still leaves a lot behind that I want to keep and many, many that I love. I wish there was a simple and quick way to go through them all and delete the ones I don’t need. Is there an app that makes it easier than going through them all? I know you can select multiple at a time but it’s still time consuming. I always threaten that I’ll do this on long journeys like flights or a train and then I read! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have done it in the past though and I like that a lot of my favourite photos are all clustered together at the top of my photo reel.

So this is too hard a prompt to give a definitive answer so I’m just going to post my favourite photo from this week. It’s not edited or filtered in any way and it was taken on our morning walk on Tuesday. The morning after the Wolf Moon. It was -2 โ„ƒ so there was frost out and the sky looked like it was on fire, the fun kind, not the end of days kind!

Royal Hospital Kilmainham/IMMA

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