What does your ideal day look like?

Today’s WordPress Bloganuary prompt challenge.

Well my ideal day changes often and it really depends on mood, location and people. I’m lucky that I’ve had many, many ideal days so far in my life and each one looks completely different.

I’m hoping my next ideal day will be this Saturday. After being sick for the entire Christmas break me and my partner are finally feeling back to normal and we’ve been making plans for the weekend. They may not seem extraordinary but we are both very excited.

After a little sleep-in it will be up, quick fuel up and off out for what will hopefully be a frosty morning walk to the Phoenix Park. This park is relatively close to our house but there is a park that is closer that we go to each morning so we save the big park for the weekends. We’ve not been in ages though and this will be our first trip of the New Year. Hopefully we will see some deer! (See pictures from last January below.)

Then it’s home for showers (to warm up) and a big lunch followed by reading (me) and watching football (him) and likely an afternoon nap. That is a long morning walk! 😀

Then more reading followed by settling in for the evening with wine, a charcuterie board and continuing our Sopranos rewatch. We are almost finished our rewatch which is sad but we are planning a Breaking Bad rewatch next!

It’s not as jam packed as a holiday ideal day or a day out to some of our favourite places ideal day but after a really rough two weeks the idea of this is getting us through our week! 😀

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