What does it mean to live boldly?

While looking for tags I came across the WordPress Bloganuary prompt challenge and decided to check it out. It sounds like fun. Of course I decided to start on a day that feels hard but still giving it a go. So what is bloganuary?

Welcome to our first ever Bloganuary!
Our goal is to start a fun challenge to help jump start your blogging habits in the new year while connecting you with other great bloggers from around the world. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

What to expect

Each and every day during the month of January, we’ll post a prompt to our community site, as well as sending it out via email. The prompts will either be a question or a directive, helping to serve as inspiration for your blog content that day. Once you’re ready to publish your blog post, make sure to add a bloganuary tag. Our team will be looking for participant posts to highlight and share across the Reader, our social media channels, and the community site.

Take the opportunity to connect with other bloggers like you. All Bloganuary participants will receive the same daily prompt, but will be sharing their own ideas, stories, and experiences. We encourage everyone to use this as an opportunity to connect with other bloggers, discuss prompts, share your posts, and build your own community. The easiest place to connect with other participants is on our community site, so feel free to join at any time.


What does it mean to live boldly?

When I was younger I’m pretty sure I’d have said living boldly was about being a little bit wild and living a little bit loudly and when I think back on it, probably a little bit unsafely! 😀

As I’ve gotten older though I think, for me, living boldly now means living my authentic life. I no longer try to ‘fit in’ to the boxes people have assigned to me and if it that means people don’t like me or I’m ‘not their cup of tea’ then I’m okay with that.

As a natural people pleaser this is not always easy but I’ve also learned a lot about myself and other people by not trying to fit in.

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